Hey all. This is my attempt at formulating a script for what I'd like to say for my congressperson and senators tomorrow. The goal is to be short, accurate, and to the point. I've tried to use various news reports to write this. I'm happy to take suggestions on things I should be omitting or details/facts I'm overlooking. I know I haven't been paying as close attention to this as many others, so please don't take anything I've missed as a sign that I find it unimportant, but more likely that I overlooked it. Statement below.

Update 1: Per criticisms, I've added specific language to indicate how citizens' rights are being violated (freedom of assembly, freedom of press). I also am fine with other people using this, as I mentioned in comments I called my congressperson last night (Tuesday) and fumbled my way through a message. I really wanted something that sounded more professional and put together. If you want to help, you can use a website like http://whoismyrepresentative.com/ to get contact information for your representatives. While email or letters are good, my impression from the work done on the ACA and the 2008 bailout was that phone calls make a much stronger impact. But obviously any contribution is positive.

Hello, My name is {Name} and I am calling from {City, State} in support of the citizens peacefully protesting in Ferguson, Missouri, against the criminal and aggressive police force under the command of Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson and St Louis Police Chief Jon Belmar. In the days since the shooting of Mike Brown, an unarmed black man, the Ferguson Police have failed to protect the rights of its citizens. Instead of protecting their citizens' right to peaceably assemble, they have acted as a militarized force using equipment including but not limited to rubber bullets, tear gas, and SWAT gear to attack them. Instead of protecting their citizens' right to a free press, police have requested a no fly zone and prevented journalists from entering the sites of protest and even unlawfully arrested them. I encourage {congressperson} to act in support of the people of Ferguson and to help ensure in any way possible that their rights to peaceably assemble are upheld, and to act in support of the family of Mike Brown in ensuring justice is brought against the police on their behalf.