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Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal

Hi it’s time for another exciting “wow this is a good recipe but the ads suck and I want an easier to view experience” here on Are We Green. This post is Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal!

The recipe I actually do is a fun permutation of two recipes! Source material is:

Again, we’re aiming for ratios here like in my Black Bean recipe. This is simple and straightforward.


Basic Process


Steel cut oats, 1 cup

1 cup of dried apricots

1 cup of dried cranberries

4 cups of water

Some spray canola oil, maybe

Some amount of cinnamon and cardamom and salt


Spray the inside of the instant pot with the oil if you’re concerned about stickiness. I’ve forgotten/omitted and it’s not been too bad but whatever. Combine oats, dried fruit, and water. Put in instant pot and set on manual, 4 minutes. Let it cook then let it do that natural release thing for 10-15 minutes more (I am usually forgetful and do 15 easy). Release steam. Add the some amount of cinnamon and cardamom and salt. Serve to your undeserving guests or store in small containers - I can get 4 days worth of servings out of this. I don’t freeze and haven’t tried.


A note on how this compares to the original cited recipes

So what’s going on here is Alton Brown basically has a good idea of adding dried fruit. His fruit selection kind of sucks to me tho. Figs are not that great to me. I don’t loathe them, but like, I would just rather have apricots. They’re better. So sorry Alton, I realize you have an entire television series and career and decades of experience probably backing up your fig opinions but I’m my own man and could give a fig. YEAH BAD PUNS HOPE YOU ENJOY THAT READER.


Now, Kelly over at Life Made Sweeter has really done her homework. I mean, that post covers a lot of things about Instant Pot Oatmeal and you 100% should digest it fully because she is encouraging as fuck. Vegan? Heck yeah! Fruit? Woo! Want some lactose in your oatmeal? Kelly has you covered! But more importantly she confirmed that the basic ratio of 3 cups of water to 1 cup of oatmeal is what you want. However when you add the fruit of Alton’s recipe, you need to up that water content to accommodate.

Lastly, I like cardamom a lot, so I tend to be heavy with that. And salt makes the sweetness of the dried fruits a little more bearable. When I say “some amount” I am being honest. I don’t think that much about it, add some, and then taste the oatmeal to see where I’m at. So don’t over salt and remember that cinnamon has a really strong flavor in comparison to cardamom so be careful with that one in particular. I’ve forgotten to salt/spice as well and enjoyed the oatmeal, but it definitely is better with.

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