Note: If this is on the GT feed, I probably reshared it to remind people it's still a thing because I saw an example or something recently reminded me of it. Enjoy!

As inspired by Penny's point about how a lot of GM commenters ask, in her words, "I wonder what the Jezebel twats will have to say about this," on articles invoking women or women's issues, this page will serve to collect such occurrences. Feel free to respond with your comments that link to GM comments that fall into this category of comment cliche. Providing a description of the article topic and anything distinct or notable about the comment is also encouraged.

Update: I'll point out that there are variations. For instance, presuming what Jezebel authors/readers will think about it, or saying other generally derogatory things about Jezebel readers.

Update 2: Burt makes the point that we should remember that not all non Jez GM sites have comments with exclusively this type of comment. That's a fair point.

Pyrax points out that there's sort of an easy way to find these types of comments if you want to contribute and have the time.